Smouldering Embers

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Previously published by Magpies Nest Publishing as Blazing Embers
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“You see, Alice, everyone’s at it these days. Young folk do it openly but if we oldies did that in public they’d take us off and put us in care!”

After watching late night television, Alice realises what has always been missing from her love life. Her hubby, Roger, has benefited from fifty years of satisfaction, time for her to experience an orgasmic encounter. First attempts to change things meet with failure. Roger’s friend, debonair Tony Bradshaw, steps into Alice’s life and is determined to alleviate her problem. Shocked, dismayed and humiliated by Alice’s expectations of a loftier sex life, Roger turns to Tony for advice. But when Roger puts his new knowledge into practice, he does so in his usual ham-fisted way of doing things ’he gets a kick out of it but Alice is left with the pain! Will Tony be allowed to succeed where Roger has failed?

Described by a reader as “highly amusing, rather titillating and great fun to read”, Blazing Embers, set in an imaginary market town of South Cumbria, will appeal to a very wide readership.

The author. Wife, mother and grandmother, Angela Ashley turned to writing a few years after retiring from teaching and the various charities she was involved in. The author was inspired to write Blazing Embers after watching a daytime chat show. Silver-haired sex appeared to inspire great hilarity. She asks the question, why? Ashley believes that mature lovemaking has much to offer: a lifetime of practice, plenty of time for preliminaries and, most of all, the freedom to have a good laugh when things go haywire!

“Wow. I don’t say that often. Ms. Ashley’s writing is quite good indeed. There’s such a wistful, genuine quality to her style that it’s hard not to be drawn in right away. Unpretentious – so nice to see that in writing once in a great while. Very unique, and very charming.” – Andrew O’Hara of the Jimston Journal (Commented on Feb 2007 at

TitleBlazing Embers
AuthorAngela Ashley
PublisherMagpies Nest Publishing
Printing and bindingBemroseBooth Limited, Derby
Pages224, A5, B&W
Available fromOut of print