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Seduction is the second part of a trilogy, the first and third parts are Awakening Love and Checkmate.

Previously published by Magpies Nest Publishing as Seduction by Design
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“June put down her brush and smoothed her hands over her full breasts and down the luxurious fabric to her hips. The strength of her sexuality began to rise…. She knew Robert had given her the garment deliberately; he understood such things….
Nervously, she walked to the door, eager yet fearful to enter the bedroom, knowing in the depth of her heart what the encounter might lead to.”
Romance, lust and intrigue: Robert Watson, renowned for both his business and sexual prowess, is determined to have his own way — Seduction by design is his forte!

“Seduction by Design” is a triumph. Entertaining, wild, erotic, and full of enough twists and turns to keep the reader engrossed. A great piece of reading, written with Gladys Hobson’s very typical skill! – Andy O’Hara

“Seduction By Design” carries the reader right along in a smooth, continuous delight of romance, erotic adventure and well-woven suspense. – Payton L Inkletter

TitleSeduction by Design
AuthorGladys Hobson
Cover illustrationCharles Davis
PublisherMagpies Nest Publishing
Printing and bindingDirect-POD
Pages480, 134mm x 197mm, B&W
Available fromOut of print