The Dark Mirror

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Previously published by Magpies Nest Publishing as When Angels Lie
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“When Angels Lie” is a dramatic and romantic story following the emotional and spiritual struggles of two gay priests, who, after forming a deeply committed relationship, faithfully follow their priestly calling while keeping their personal lives secret. It is set within country parishes coping with the tensions of challenging situations and controversial changes. Dedicated and sensitive leadership is called for. But strange and unusual events, involving powerful and memorable characters, threaten the relationship and carry the story along to a dynamic climax.

“… moves along at a good pace … I really did want to know what happened in the end.
Would make the general public look at the Anglican Church, its clergy and its adherents with new eyes.” – John Imlach (Churchwarden)

“Cleverly constructed and moves at a very good pace.
There was urgency, on my part, to read on and on… I have no hesitation in recommending this book and look forward to further work from Richard Gray” – The Westmorland Gazette E-News Jan 25 2005

About the Author. Richard L Gray has lived and worked in Cumbria for many years. The author is very familiar with all aspects of the Anglican Church: traditions of churchmanship and the passionate emotions of its adherents, whether they be evangelical or high, fundamentalist or liberal, charismatic or traditionalist, and the many shades in between. Gray believes that the way of Christ is the way of unconditional love.

TitleWhen Angels Lie - All hell is let loose and demons fly !
AuthorRichard L Gray
PublisherMagpies Nest Publishing
Printing and bindingBemroseBooth Limited, Derby
Pages240, A5, B&W
Available fromOut of print